Our Tea is Proudly Grown in the USA!

Our Story


Delta Arts District Mural, "Midnight at the Crossroads" by Devin Liston. Photo by Nolan Dean.

It all started in Mississippi...

Yazoo Yaupon was founded in the Delta Arts District in Clarksdale, Mississippi, the hometown of our co-founder, Oliver Luckett. After a successful career in Hollywood and five years living in Iceland, Oliver returned to the Mississippi Delta to be close to his father, and to help boost the local community. 

Oliver learned about the amazing Yaupon Holly, America's only caffeinated plant, and was introduced to Bryon White, the co-founder of Yaupon Brothers American Tea. Their teams collaborated to create Yazoo Yaupon, which aims to elevate Mississippi by using this incredible leaf to promote inclusion, transformation, and revitalization in the cradle of American culture - The Mississippi Delta!